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Wildlife In Pachmarhi

Wildlife In Pachmarhi

Pachmarhi Wildlife Sanctuary

The Panchmarhi National Park is an artwork of nature with numerous hills, valleys, rivulets and waterfalls adorning it. The Panchmarhi National Park is mainly covered with sal, teak, tendu and bamboo trees besides a variety of grasses and medicinal plants. Truly, a visit to the Panchmarhi National Park adds up to an experience worth living at least once in a lifetime. Castle and King invites you to be a part of this amazing experience that would fix itself in the portals of your memory forever.

Wildlife - The jungle has tigers, panthers, beer, deer, bison, wide variety of birds etc. Tigers have retreated deeper in the forest though. This Sanctuary is established in the year 1977. Its area is 417 sq. km. Here Tiger, Panther, Sambhar, Chital Bhedki, Barking Deer, Blue Bull, Four-horned antelope, Chinkara, Bision, Wild Boar, Wild Dog, Bear, Black buck etc. are the Principal Fauna and Saja, Bija, Tinsa, Dhaora, Sal, Haldu, Palash, Kasai, Bel, Bamboo etc. are the Principal Flora. Self owned four wheeler vehicles are the means of travelling inside the area. For accommodation The Forest rest House, Pachmarhi Hotel of M.P.State Tourism Development Corporation at Pachmarhi and Other Private Hotels at Pachmarhi are available. Best season to visit is November to June. Other nearby Tourist Spots are Bision Lodge, Jata Shankar, Amba Mai, Mahadev, Pandav Gufa, Dhoopgarh, Rajendra Giri, Handikhoh, Rajat Pratap, Chouragarh, Rock Painting etc. Some Religious Spots, Fair Places and Ancient Temples are Mahadev, Nagdwari, and Rock Painting etc. Diesel four wheelers, which are older than five years, are not allowed inside the protected areas.

The beauty of Nature in Pachmarhi casts a spell over the beholder. One may experience the magic of nature around Pachmarhi in myriad forms such as water bodies, woodlands, and what not else. The abundance of the wonders of nature near Pachmarhi has made the whole place a veritable paradise. For instance, the exotic wildlife in Pachmarhi due to the conducive geographic layout makes one's heart gush with joy. In fact, the fame of the wildlife around Pachmarhi has spread far and wide. In short, if you love nature and wildlife, you will never run out of places to visit in Pachmarhi. In case, you want to take a break from nature, check out some of the other famous places to visit in Pachmarhi.