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Activities In Pachmarhi

Activities In Pachmarhi

Pachmarhi Activities

Pachmarhi is a great destination for trekkers, hikers and bikers as the Satpura range is in the vicinity. Enjoy the trek through the lush green forests of Pachmarhi. Start from the Pandav Caves and go right up to Dhoopgarh taking in the spectacular scenic beauty around as also passing by the gushing waters of the Big Falls.

If you are interested in aerial sports, go parasailing. The parachute is attached to a jeep and as the jeep picks up speed the chute is lifted into the air and one has the exhilarating experience of being carried up by the wind.

A whole world of land sports activities in Pachmarhi promises never-ending thrills. Be it, tennis, football, and badminton, or cricket, hockey, and golf, the huge variety of land sport activities of Pachmarhi will give you ample scope to act out your fantasy of 'all play and no work'. In fact, this is just scratching the surface in terms of fun things to do in Pachmarhi.

Trekking in Pachmarhi is one of the most popular of the available land sports activities in Pachmarhi. After all, the rugged trails, verdant greenery, and the cool crisp breezes all connive to create the perfect conditions for trekking around Pachmarhi. As you go trekking near Pachmarhi, the surrounding landscape will treat you to some of the most scenic and memorable sights of your life. Sometimes, trekking is wrongly written as treking.